Local SEO and Enterprise SEO

We are a company that offers enterprise SEO and local SEO services for large publisher websites and brands, or SEO for eCommerce websites with thousands of skews as well as local SEO for smaller companies. Our team of big brand SEO strategists and consultants in Chicago have helped many of the largest brands and websites in the world increase traffic and sales from the organic search results.

We don’t chase tactics or the “next big thing” in search, but instead help you create a strong website foundation, and build content and experiences that your users will love and Google wants to reward and rank.


Because we believe SEO should be integrated across all marketing teams, our mission is to help facilitate this integration, by educating internal teams about SEO.


This stage will define and align brand and website goals across marketing channels and teams, and provide a baseline report from which we will judge success and gain insights.


Website audits uncover structural, content, social media, or inbound link issues that would keep your brand or local website website from ranking well within the search results.

We will audit your website’s technical, links, and content, and provide a detailed report that outlines the data we found, and the insights needed to make your website more valuable to users and search engines.


For Large Brand Websites

Content strategy is built upon the insights gained from digital audits. This stage includes defining your target users, performing keyword research, and creating a high-value content architecture for your website.

For Local Small Businesses

This stage includes defining your target users, performing keyword research, and creating high-value local content that users love and Google will reward.


For Large Websites

We believe that link building starts with great content that engages users, and is self-sufficient for building links. Can we do outreach? Yes. But we find that most brands have PR companies that we would rather utilize and integrate with.

For Local or Small Businesses

If you’re a local business, in this phase we will build a strategy for earning local links from media outlets and websites within your local market. We will also make sure your local directory and listings are consistent and optimized which helps create a high-value local presence that Google rewards.